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Comprehensive Driver Education Training from the Professionals

Why take driver training?

There are many reasons to consider a driver education program (including insurance discounting, earlier licensing, and automatic exit from the GDL program, among others) but the main reason should be that a good driving program from experienced professionals is a wise investment in the future.  Proper training will provide the knowledge and skills for driving defensively, and for avoiding the dangers that our roads and highways can bring.  So, reduce the risk. Take your full driver education program (or a lesson package or course) from Apple Valley Driving Schools today.  It is one of those investments that really will last a lifetime!

Why choose Apple Valley Driving Schools?

* Apple Valley Driving's instructors are patient and highly-qualified professionals who all love to teach.  Ask around, and be sure to check out our 'About Us' page.

* Our classroom is a comfortably large, fully-equipped, theatre-style classroom located in downtown Wolfville, within steps of downtown cafes and lunch locations.  And, our regularly-updated classroom curriculum is delivered by dynamic and knowledgeable instructors.

* For in-car lessons, students will generally be picked up and dropped off to home, school, work or other meeting point, optimizing lesson time.

* Apple Valley provides the car for the Road Test.

* Our Full 25/10 Certificate Program is priced very competitively, and we have flexible installment plans allowing for two or three equal payments.

* Apple Valley Driving proudly delivers a superior, customer-friendly experience, at a very competitive price, and our professional team enjoys going the extra mile!


Important scheduling considerations with Apple Valley Driving Schools:


    * You may start your Classroom Sessions BEFORE you get your Learner's Licence.

    * You may start Classroom Sessions BEFORE you turn 16 years old.

    * You may start In-Car Lessons BEFORE the classroom, if you have your Learner's Licence.

    * If your Class 7L Learner's Licence expires soon, ask about our Accelerated Program.


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* NS Driver’s Handbooks - Available at Apple Valley Driving’s office *



Office in the “Student Union Building” at Acadia University


Office hours vary –please call to book an appointment



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Good driving is NO accident!