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Defensive Driving Specialists

Apple Valley Driving is a professional driving school with outstanding instructors proud to offer our customers more than forty-five years of combined experience in the field of defensive driver training.

We are locally-owned, and we offer fully-approved Certificate programs, in addition to other driver training services including the Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course, Driver Assessments and Senior Safe Driving programs. 

Our staff of experienced professionals include:

  Jim Nelson – Instructor Licence #  16-1614186-00R2

  Brian McKenzie – Instructor Licence #  13-1229188-00R2

  Bob Gansel – Instructor Licence #  15-1495540-00R2

  John Christopher – Instructor Licence #  16-856304-00R2

  Marti Valiquette – Owner / Manager


Recent Customer Feedback:

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you and the school has given me.  I came into driver’s ed having never driven before, and had no idea what I was doing.  And within 2 months, I passed my road test, only losing 28 points!  I was happy with my performance and I am very pleased with everything.  Your staff has been great.  Time management was fantastic, as the instructor was always on time, and provided a great learning environment, while pushing me so that I was always challenged, and made sure that I would succeed.  I am definitely going to recommend the driving school to anyone in the valley who is getting ready to start driver’s ed!  I have been thrilled with the service provided, and how flexible everything is.  Thanks so much for everything.”  - Dan


“This was a great course that certainly exceeded expectations.  I will recommend it highly to my friends.”  - Tom


“I am a 39 year old mother of two young boys.  I have taken driving lessons through other schools in the past, but none of the instructors' teaching methods fit my particular learning style!  I never quite felt confident enough to actually get my license.  The patient instructors at Apple Valley driving school taught me in a way that I could understand, with a positive and straightforward approach. I finally had the confidence that I needed to get my license, and my life is much easier now!  Thanks so much!!  - Mary


“Thank you for your excellent training, which helped me pass the road test easily. Please express my special thanks to my instructors.   I have some friends who are planning to get training next semester, and I will definitely tell them to go to your school.” - Bob


“I just wanted to thank you. The way you conduct your program is excellent and my son has been telling me plenty about the friendliness of the instructors (both class and driving)… Roy has expressed that his in-car instructor was getting him to do things that I know my daughter or my step-children did not do when they went through other programs.  It is a credit to you that he speaks so highly of the class instructor to get his message across, and he was impressed with the ability of his in-car instructor for connecting with his age level.  Thank you all - he is out with his sister driving as this e-mail is being sent. Thanks to all!” - Tena


“I couldn't get over the wonderful way you folks handled everything. You sure get a 10 from me and I sure will pass it on to anyone I know who wants to take the course.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took the course from you. I called other places, when I was first looking and I can tell you honestly, they were in no way as courteous as you people were. They handled it very sloppy, to say the least.   I have been out driving all over the place and just love it.  Once again, thank you so very much for everything. You sure know how to do things right.  As I said earlier, I rate you a 10.  I might add you are all extra special, in my books - just a great bunch of people. Thanks again.” – Mrs. MacDougall


Apple Valley Driving School taught me everything I needed to know to go into my road test confident and prepared, and even helped me in my search for my first car.  I am completely happy with what I got out of the program.” - Nicole


“You guys have such a great staff!  I'll try and tell as many of my younger friends as I can about you guys and how nice everyone was!” - Irene


“Thank you very much!  I couldn't have done it without you guys!”  – James


“I had a really great time being involved in your driving school and I will strongly recommend to other people.” - Patrick


“Thanks for all your help and support.  You have a great business doing all the right things.”  - Justin

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Driving Training School Licence # 854802766 NS0001

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