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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. What are the basic steps to getting a Nova Scotia Class 5 Driver’s Licence?

  Checklist for Getting Your Driver’s License:

        Study the Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook:

§  The NS Driver’s Handbook is also available for purchase from our Wolfville office.

        Consider registering for a recognized Driver Education Program; if you prefer, you can start the classroom part of the Driver Education Program before you get your Learner’s Licence.

        Pay for and do the Knowledge Test at Access NS.  Testing is done Monday to Friday on Park Street in Kentville (8:30 – 3:45; no appointment required).

        Pay for the Class 7L Learner’s Licence (valid for 2 year)

        Road Test Payment: pre-pay for the Road Test at an RMV office, at our Wolfville office, or online:

        Take the Classroom and In-Car training of the 25/10 Driver Education Program, if applicable.

        Pass the Road Test.

        Present your Driver Education Certificate to RMV (they will take a copy).

Note:  If you did NOT take a Driver Education Program, you will need to later take a recognized Defensive Driving Course (DDC) to exit the Graduated Driver Licensing system (that is, to get the ‘N’ restrictions off your Licence).

        Pay for your upgrade to a Class 5N Newly Licensed Driver’s Licence.

        Obtain a regular Class 5 Driver’s Licence (remove the ‘N’), two years after Road Test.



2. When can I start?


You may start your Classroom Sessions BEFORE having your Learner's Licence.

You may start Classroom Sessions BEFORE you turn 16 years old.

You may start In-Car Lessons BEFORE classroom, if you have your Learner's Licence.

If your Class 7L Learner's Licence expires soon, ask about our Accelerated Program.


3. What approximate fees will I be charged by Access NS?


§  Knowledge Test (Vision, Rules and Signs)            $20.

§  Class 7L Learners Licence (photo card)                 $26.

§  Road Test Permit Fee                                         $55.

§  Upgrade to Class 5N (after Road Test)                 $75.

§  Remove Graduated Licence “N” (after 2 yrs)         No Charge


4. How long is my Learner’s Licence valid, and how long before I can do my Road Test ?


Under current NS regulations, the Learner’s Licence is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue. You can do your road test after 12 months, but if you have completed a 25/10 driver education program, you can do your road test 3 months earlier (after 9 months).


5.  What happens if my Learners Licence expires before I do a Road Test?


If it expires, the ‘Knowledge Test’ (vision test / rules test / signs test) must be done again at an Access NS testing centre.  You will NOT have to start the waiting period again before you are eligible to schedule a Road Test.


6. How do I contact Access NS (the Registry of Motor Vehicles)?


Tel:                    1800-898-7668



Driving Training School Licence # 854802766 NS0001

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