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Full 25/10 Driver Education Certificate Program

Apple Valley Driving Schools delivers a comprehensive, fully-recognized driver education program combining twenty-five (25) hours of classroom training with a minimum of ten (10) hours of one-on-one in-car instruction. Key features of Apple Valley Driving School’s program include:

  Friendly Instructors – who all enjoy teaching and who take safety seriously

  Convenient Classroom Location – Acadia University’s classrooms

  Door-to-Door Service – pick up and drop off service available for in-car lessons within local area

  Insurance Discounts – industry-recognized programs for insurance rate reductions

  Private In-Car Lessons – on your personalized schedule

  Early Licensing – take your road test three months early

  Guest Speakers – Paramedic, Tire Specialists, Maintenance, and Winter Driving

  GDL Exit (‘N’ Off) – qualifies for automatic exit from NS Graduated Driver Licensing Program

  Competitive Pricing – installment plans available


Specialized Lessons

• Road Test Preparation

• Winter Driving

• Emergency Maneuvers and Collision Avoidance

• Standard-Shift Training (in your own car)

• Learn-to-Drive in Halifax

• Assessments and Senior Refreshers


Defensive Driving Course (DDC) – Private Courses Available!

This 6-hour Canada Safety Council classroom course is meant for:

§  Class 5N ‘Newly Licensed’ drivers who did not take the full 25/10 program and wanting the ‘N’ off their license

§  Drivers needing reduction of accumulated Demerit Points

§  Any drivers wanting a classroom driver refresher course


Apple Valley Driving School’s Classroom Program


Apple Valley’s classroom course is led by an experienced instructor, and includes 25 hours of theory instruction, delivered over four training days.  It is based, in large part, on the provincially-approved curriculum entitled, Today’s Driving Manual, which is published by Propulsion International.  This content is enhanced with selected multimedia presentations and training materials taken from a variety of other sources, including Transport Canada, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), and the Safety Services Nova Scotia.  Guest speakers: Paramedic, MADD Canada, Tire specialist, Vehicle maintenance, and Winter driving.  


Apple Valley’s classroom curriculum covers the following core topics:

·        Car Familiarization and Maintenance

·        Defensive Driving Techniques and Strategies for Lowering the Risk of Collisions

·        Traffic Law and Driver Licensing Rules, including NS’s Graduated Driver Licensing System

·        The Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act and Associated Regulations

·        Driver Responsibilities

·        Driver Psychology

·        Urban Driving Strategies

·        Highway Driving Strategies, including Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings

·        Insurance Topics and Issues

·        Vision Factors and Driving Under Adverse Conditions, Including Winter Driving

·        Seatbelts and Other Occupant Restraint Systems

·        Alcohol and Drug Impairment Issues and the Law

·        Risk Perception, Identifying Hazardous Situations and Driver Action

·        Crosswalk Safety Issues

·        Rules Pertaining to the Approach of Emergency Vehicles

·        Standard Transmission Vehicles

·        Vehicle Technologies such as Braking Systems and Drive Train Systems

·        Fuel-Efficient Driving


Apple Valley Driving’s In-Car Program


Apple Valley Driving School’s in-car instruction delivers a minimum of 10 hours of one-on-one training in defensive driving techniques for each student, which includes:

·        Automobile Familiarization and Vehicle Controls

·        Basic Maneuvering and Steering Techniques

·        Starting and Stopping

·        Right and Left Turns

·        Right-Of-Way Situations

·        One-Way Streets

·        Risk Perception and Identifying Hazardous Situations

·        Backing

·        Urban Driving Techniques

·        Crosswalk Safety

·        Controlled and Uncontrolled Intersections

·        Lane Changing

·        Parking, including Reverse Parking, Parallel Parking, and Emergency Parking

·        Passing

·        2-and 3-Point Turns

·        Emergency Maneuvers, including Shoulder Recovery

·        Highway Driving, Including Head-On Collision Avoidance

·        Preparation for the Provincial Driving Exam


Driving Training School Licence # 854802766 NS0001

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